Current position

2017-current Scientist. Institute of Botany. Academy of Science of the Czech Republic

Professional training 

2013-2017 Post-Doctoral research. The invasion ecology of Cactaceae in South Africa: towards a strategic plan for management. Center of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB). Stellenbosch University, South Africa


2011-2012 PhD Thesis. Carpobrotus edulis (L.) N.E.Br: a threat to the conservation of coastal dune ecosystems. Universidade de Vigo, Spain


2012 Four months-stay. Grant mobility in doctoral programs with mention to excellence. Institute of Botany. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


2011 MSc thesis. Afecta la presencia de la planta invasora Carpobrotus edulis (L.) N.E.Br. Al establecimiento de las especies nativas?. Universidad de Salamanca, Spain


2011 Master’s degree. Terrestial ecosystems, Sustainable Use and Environmental Implications. Universidade de Vigo, Spain


2010 Master’s degree. Lecturer training. Universidad de Salamanca, Spain


2004-2009 Undergraduate studies. Environmental sciences. Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

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