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Ana Novoa, PhD

I am a scientist at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. My research to date has been focused on the ecology and management of alien species.


Biological invasions are increasingly seen as a social-ecological phenomenon, and the field of invasion science is being slowly reframed as a problem-oriented and multidisciplinary science, rather than a purely ecological science. My research interests to date have been driven by this need for interdisciplinarity, aiming to achieve real solutions to complex ecological problems. Generally, I am interested on the history of introduction, ecology, distribution, and management of invasive plants globally. I am also involved with projects that aim to understand the human and social dimensions of biological invasions.

Moreover, I am Thematic Deputy Editor-in-Chief for the journal Management of Biological Invasions (, and Associate Editor for the journals Biological Invasions ( and KOEDOE ( 


Non-native species in urban environments: patterns, processes, impacts and challenges
South Africa
7th-9th November 2016
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